Sylwia Kopczyńska

Great passion and love for creation - this is how I design my collections. 

For years I have been implementing my vision of wedding fashion. I see designing as a constant journey through the land of my imagination. In my projects, you can find a unique blend of romance, sensuality, light and love for nature. It is my way of perceiving and looking at the world that gives rhythm and sets the direction that my collections follow. The beauty of nature, which never ceases to amaze and delight me, has been the main inspiration for my work from the very beginning. 

All my ideas for new projects arise spontaneously, far from the city noise, during distant and small journeys, in sun-drenched forest glades, on endless fields where the sky meets the earth, showing all the beauty of what nature has to offer. The words of Schiller best and most accurately summarise my work – ‘Stay only in the sun, because nothing beautiful grows in the dark’. 

The collections I create have a consistent and distinctive style. However, I do not limit my projects to strict borders. In 2014, I introduced the personalisation of my dresses. By combining various forms and patterns, multilayer fabrics and introducing duo sets, I provided the opportunity to modify my designs, so that all my clients could emphasize their individuality and fulfil the dream of having the unique, exceptional dress. 

I am a very flexible and open-minded creator who breaks the traditional conventions. In 2016, I added the wedding shorts to my collection, which a year later were presented at the largest fashion shows in London. My original idea met with great appreciation and approval from foreign media. I am very proud of the fact that since this year, shorts have officially been included in the global wedding trend, and the practicality and lightness of my creations have influenced the canons of fashion. 

I am fully involved in each project and I am present at all stages of creating a dress - from the idea, sketch and fabric selection, to the final preparation of a new model. Collections and individual orders in Poland and abroad would not have been created without the help of my fantastic, professional team that has been cooperating with me with great passion and commitment for many years. I am proud of their dedication, professionalism and their warm hearts that beat just like mine. With their help and engagement, I can freely create my collections and serve our fantastic brides. 

The KOPCZYŃSKA brand is exclusively Polish production, supervised in our original sewing room. Fabrics intended for the creation of individual collections are individually selected and imported from the best Italian, Spanish and French producers who supply such large fashion houses as DIOR, VALENTINO, ELEE SAAB, CHANEL or BERTA. 

The projects presented on the website are only a small part of what is hidden in the recesses of the atelier and my imagination 😊

 If your vision of the dress is close to my style, together with the whole team, I cordially invite you on a journey through my atelier.